Legacy Live concerts are hosted at some of the most beautiful and locally significant venues in the UK. We want a broad audience to access our truly outstanding musical performances, live events & unforgettable experiences.

World-class events & music is what we’re about and not only have we had some truly spectacular shows, but the audience’s participation has been out of this world. So special that we’ve shared some of the best nights of our lives together!

Legacy Live marries locally renowned sites & event spaces with world class musicians, groups & events to provide an experience never seen before. Focusing on our commitment to excellence, we work with many stakeholders at the pinnacle of their careers who have been achieving excellence in their field.

We have hosted some truly amazing shows over the years. From food & drink markets to live concerts to celebrate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We strive to bring together family, friends & the community to give you unforgettable memories through music, arts, events, culture & nostalgia.